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What is the Bala Protocol?
  • Bala is a first-of-its-kind digital protocol that makes it easy to change what you eat to improve how you feel.
  • Bala uses scientific elements from the fields of nutrigenomics and functional nutrition to buildpersonalized nutrition plans that address the root cause of your hard-to-solve symptoms. Bala teachesyou how to use food and supplements to modulate gene expression and enhance whole bodyperformance in a way that delivers impactful and sustainable results.
How does the Bala Protocol work?
  • Once a member, you begin by filling out a proprietary whole body nutritional assessment that consists of~60 questions. These questions screen your reported symptomatology and lifestyle factors to identify food sensitivities typically overlooked by other methodologies.
  • Once you complete your assessment, we deliver a personalized nutrition plan that consists of ~500 specific food recommendations. Each of Bala’s food recommendations tie back to your self-reported health symptom or condition.
  • Bala’s nutrition plan consists of two sets of recommendations. The first set reflects what you should eatand avoid during your initial two-week cleanse. The second set reflects foods that you should begin toreintroduce once you are out of the two-week cleanse.
  • Users access their food recommendations and support tools via the Bala web app.
How much does it cost?
  • Bala's personalized food program, which consists of an assessment, a summary report and recommendations, web app access that guides you through the program, a recipe and meal planning guide and a 1on1 coaching call with a Bala coach, costs $200 as a one-time purchase. You are guaranteed 6 months access.
Am I a good fit for Bala?
  • Bala is a good fit for individuals who are looking for a new way to feel 100% again, regardless of experience with an elimination diet.
  • Bala users are evenly split between female and male and range between 20 years of age to 60 years of age.
  • We have helped those looking for new ways to optimize their health and those who are struggling toeffectively address more complex health issues.
How does the one-on-one coaching work?
  • Every member gets one live 30-minute remote coaching session. The most popular option is to schedulethis one-on-one after you become a member but before you start your 2-week cleanse. Most coachescan offer a second live 30-minute remote coaching session that’s typically scheduled prior to the end ofyour 2-week cleanse and the start of reintroduction phase.
  • Coaches are also available to answer questions via email.
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